The Poker Masters, the newest High Roller poker tournament series, airs the week-long series of tournaments exclusively on PokerGO. Four $50,000 buy-in events lead into a $100,000 event pits the world’s best players against each other for the right to win the inaugural Poker Masters Purple Jacket™.

The Jacket becomes the new standard for poker trophies, designed by American designer turned fashion icon Waraire Boswell. He became well-known for dressing athletes Kobe Bryant and Lebron James for the ESPYs and Hollywood celebrities for MTV awards Pharrell Williams and Will Smith.

American designer Waraire Boswell. (Photo: waraireboswell.com)
“It’s going to be intense, very draining and a hell of a lot of fun,” said Jason Koon. “I’ve always liked purple. Hopefully, I’ll be putting on the first jacket.”

At the culmination of the of the final $100,000 event, the player with the highest total earnings across all events is crowned Poker Masters Champion and Boswell will custom tailor the jacket for the winner.

Ben Tollerene said, “I’m definitely playing, I want that jacket so badly. It would be years of brags and taunts.”

The ARIA Resort & Casino hosts the Poker Masters beginning September 13 – 20. The first four events are two-day $50,000 buy-in events with a single re-entry with the final $100,000 freezeout on September 18 slated for three days.

There will not be a rake on the $50,000 events for players that register on time, nor will there be a rake in the $100,000 event for players who play all $50,000 tournaments. Late entries and re-entries will pay a rake.