PokerGO is your home for the 2018 Poker Masters and the $50,000 No Limit Hold’em final table is live! The penultimate event of the series is sure to shake up the Purple Jacket race, as Ali Imsirovic has a chance to take a Championship Standings lead. The Event 5 winner enters today’s final table as an overwhelming chip leader. Justin Bonomo, Jake Schindler, and more High Roller elites are well off the chip leader, but more than capable of keeping Imsirovic from going back-to-back.

A complete list of the final table chip counts is provided below:

  1. Sam Soverel – 430,000
  2. Ali Imsirovic – 3,630,000
  3. Jake Schindler – 835,000
  4. Seth Davies – 465,000
  5. Justin Bonomo – 980,000
  6. Koray Aldemir – 710,000

A list of the Event 5 payouts is also provided below:

  1. $799,000
  2. $517,000
  3. $352,500
  4. $235,000
  5. $188,000
  6. $141,000

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