Poker maybe not be “rocket science” but there are players within in the game who come from a genius-level background. This level of brain power and education came into play during Season 5 of Poker After Dark when the “Brilliant Minds” episodes first aired.

The latest addition to THE VAULT on PokerGO is this classic sit-n-go featuring some of the sharpest mathematical minds in all of poker.

Noted poker author David Sklansky opens the broadcast by saying “Everybody here but me has at least seven years of college, is that correct?”

The talk jumps from there to various poker theories and some of the group’s favorite poker books, as you would expected an educated bunch to discuss.

The most familiar face in the lineup to both current and former Poker After Dark viewers is Brandon Adams. Adams appeared multiple times during the early seasons of Poker After Dark and returned for the recent PLOMG week. That appearance followed up his win in an event during the Poker Masters series.

More than just an accomplished poker player, Adams is also an author, professor, and entrepreneur.

Sitting on the left of Adams were two faces who have become notorious in nature due to the fall of Full Tilt Poker on Black Friday. Chris Ferguson and Andy Bloch both came up in the world of education but found a fortune in poker.

After years away from the public spotlight, Ferguson reappeared at the 2016 World Series of Poker and has been cashing ever since. This year, Ferguson set the record for most cashes in a single WSOP with 17.

Two other noted poker authors are featured in this episode with Bill Chen and the previously mentioned Sklansky. Chen authored The Mathematics of Poker which brought a deeper level of calculus to the game than ever before. Those advanced methods served Chen well in 2006 when he won two WSOP bracelets in the same year.

Sklansky is the pen man of over 10 poker books and owns three World Series of Poker bracelets.

Put six geniuses in a room and only one can emerge victorious. Which one will walk away with the title of “smartest man in the room” and a Poker After Dark title? Tune into PokerGO and find out with all six “Brilliant Minds” episodes now available on-demand in THE VAULT.

Live action of Poker After Dark returns to PokerGO next week from October 17-19 at its new starting time of 6 pm ET.