Wednesday night kicked off Poker After Dark’s second night of “Rumble with Jungle” on PokerGO with a $200,000 buy-in cash game. Jason Koon picked up his stake from Tuesday night’s PAD win, Isaac Haxton was all smiles for his birthday and “Voices Carry” winner Matt Berkey was the new player at the table.

Daniel Cates, Brian Rast and Doug Polk filled out the table – each player with the same starting stack for blinds at $300/$600. But after an early hand that cost Koon big, he added on for an additional $100,000.

Koon got some chips back from Berkey a little later when Koon limped in the small blind with pocket kings and Berkey raised to $3,000. Koon three-bet to $13,000, Berkey re-raised to $33,000 and Koon ended the discussion with a five-bet shove for $191,000. Berkey tanked for a bit, but then let his hand go.

The big action was contagious; not too much later Berkey and Cates played the longest pot in recent PAD memory. Each player put in $10,000 to go to a Tc 5d 4d flop. Berkey check-called $7,000, the turn came Jc and Berkey checked a second time. Cates bet $34,000 and Berkey check-raised all in for $193,000.

Cates went deep into the tank while the table talked over the action. He stayed in the tank, Koon gave him a pre-warning for calling the clock and all other players left the table. Eventually, Cates called the clock on himself, let it run all the way down and mucked his hand.

Berkey showed the Jh and the hand dominated the next 20 minutes of conversation. Polk and Rast even brokered two side bets with Cates at 3-1 and 4-1 that Berkey did not have just a single pair of jacks. When the stream caught up, the table was shocked at Berkey’s holdings and they paid Cates over $30,000.

Koon and Cates stacked the most at the end of the night, assisted by Cates doubling through Haxton with around an hour left in play. Cates flopped a set of threes when Haxton paired an ace holding Ad Kc. Cates then put Rast through the ringer, where the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl champ made a difficult laydown.

The “Rumble with Jungle” action continues only on PokerGO Thursday night at 8 pm ET. The growing archive of classic and new Poker After Dark episodes are found under Event Replays or The Vault.