The final episode block of Poker After Dark Season 3 “Commentators Week” was released on PokerGO, completing the archives for the first three seasons. The season wrapped up with a blend of commentators that play and players that commentate, or as Ali Nejad put it – “five guys you know and one dude’s voice that you kind of recognize.”

Players began at the table starting with Seat 1 – Mark Gregorich, Chad Brown, Nejad, Robert Williamson III, Phil Gordon and Howard Lederer. While the chatter was plentiful the action started slow with the first elimination not occurring until the third episode in the five episode block.

Viewers rejoiced watching Lederer bust first from the table after winning two previous PAD titles. He got short, Williamson opened the action with pocket fives and Lederer shoved behind with pocket threes. Williamson flopped a set of fives and Lederer was eliminated.

Gordon was short-stacked following a big pot he lost to Brown. He moved in from under the gun +1 with seven five off suit, Brown woke up with pocket queens in the small blind and called. Gordon blanked the board and followed Lederer out the door.

Brown took over the chip lead with Lederer’s bust, woke up with pocket aces and opened the action. Williamson moved all in with king jack off-suit, hoping to steal the pot and Brown snap-called. An ace hit the flop, Williamson’s hand was beat and he was the next player eliminated.

Three-handed play saw Brown holding the lead, Nejad was second in chips and Gregorich had less than ten big blinds. Nejad, pocket fours doubled up Gregorich’s queen four, before the blinds really climbed. 

Some hands later Brown opened on the button to $10,000 with Ah 2h and Gregorich found two sixes in the big blind and flatted to see a flop that came all rags. Gregorich moved his last $10,000 all in, Brown called with Ah 2h and doubled Gregorich up.

That hand evened out the stacks between the three players with the blinds at $2,000/$4,000. Gregorich opened with pocket fours, Brown shoved with Ad 2h and Gregorich called. Brown whiffed the board and went from chip leader to third place in the span of two hands.

Ali Nejad got as close as he would get to winning a PAD title. 
Heads-up play lasted three hands, Gregorich open-shoved with As Qc and Nejad called holding Kd 7s. The board ran jack-high, Nejad missed his outs and Gregorich won the match shortly after having less than ten bigs.

The Commentator’s block completes the Season 3 archives of Poker After Dark, available only on PokerGO, Season 4 episode blocks are up next for The Vault.