The Season 3 Poker After Dark match up of “World Champions III” was the third time former Main Event Champions filled out the table, but this match up ran out of room for ego at the six-handed table where Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Huck Seed drive the theatrics only on PokerGO.

Berry Johnston made his single PAD appearance, but it’s a coin flip as for whether he said more actual words or physical chips. He outlasted Seed, who seemed to be in a rush to get back to back to bed in the first episode of the match.

Seed finished the first episode of the match up with just $2,000 and got his stack all in from the big blind after taking a flop with Jamie Gold on the button. They both paired a six on the turn but Gold’s kicker played, and Seed was gone.

Chris Ferguson flopped trip threes in a three-way pot, but Gold flopped two to a flush and wouldn’t go away following a sizable turn bet. Gold tried to bluff him the hand, but Ferguson literally flipped a co to make his decision.

Ferguson took the hand, but his stack trended south, he shoved in the small bind with queen jack and Chan called in the big blind with pocket sevens. “I was happy to see his sevens because I still had two over cards,” Ferguson said.

Johnston was the shortest player with four players remaining and Chan shoved from the small blind and Johnston said, “It got to the point where I had to gamble, Johnny moved all in and I figured I was even money shot so I called with two fives.”

The first and final time Berry Johnston played on Poker After Dark. 

During three-handed play Jamie Gold sat in between Chan and Hellmuth. “I have a certain level of confidence and passion about the game, I’m constantly learning and trying to get better,” Gold said. “I think every single time I play if my mind is on the game, I’ll become a better player.”

Hellmuth and Gold shared a queen on Gold’s final hand, but Hellmuth’s inferior four kicker paired on the flop and Gold was eliminated.

Hellmuth and Chan kicked off their heads-up match with most awkward celebration between two adult males possible – “The Trailer Hitch”.

Two grown men stuck between a high five and fist bump – the “Trailer Hitch.”

It took only the first hand for Chan to flop two pair and defeat Hellmuth for the title.

Most of the Season 3 match ups are available on demand exclusively on PokerGO, and new blocks of episodes continue to be released. Season 1 and 2 are available in their entirety with Ali Nejad providing commentary.