Season 3 of Poker After Dark expanded its horizons with a second match up of all International players.  PokerGO is the only place to find the “Internationals II” matches and rumors were that having chiseled European good looks was the easiest ticket to the game with Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius having seats.

The Asian James Bond, John Juanda and the Oriental Express Johnny Chan represented the East, Daniel Negreanu came from the Great White North while Roland de Wolfe’s signature British charm rounded out the table.

Five of the six players at the table had already won a PAD title in previous seasons – a first for the show. De Wolfe was the lone player without a win, but it was first time playing on the show. Chan had two at that point, both against former Main Event Champions tables.

The first needle came early from de Wolfe when he said, “Ok John, you won the bet you can take them off now,” referring to Juanda’s sun glasses.

“What bet?” Juanda said.

John Juanda kept the glasses on for the whole match.
Chan took the early lead and Hansen needled him about value betting the second-best hand on the river. The rest of the table laughed and talked about incorporating in their game.

“This is officially the tightest Poker After Dark table without Steve Zolotow on it,” Hansen said when the game was still six-handed.

Negreanu ended the first episode as the shortest stack and still spent a good amount of the second episode limping preflop and seeing a lot of flops. His small ball style and bet-sizing kept in action until Hansen commented on his limping and raised his option in the big blind.

Gus Hansen let Negreanu know he was paying attention to his every move.
Negreanu three-bet shoved with Ks Qh, Hansen tanked for a while and Negreanu showed him the queen. Hansen visibly struggled with his decision, eventually mucked and table stayed full through two full episodes.

Most of the Season 3 match ups are available on demand exclusively on PokerGO and new blocks of episodes continue to be released. Season 1 and 2 are available in their entirety with Ali Nejad providing commentary.