Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov are living a charmed 2017 with a WSOP Tag Team bracelet, Kurganov shipping a Super High Roller in Barcelona and returning to the Burning Man Festival. Poker’s favorite couple made a pit stop in Las Vegas to play against each other for the third night of “Voices Carry” on Poker After Dark which is archived only on PokerGO. Boeree ultimately won the table for $150,000 and her first PAD title, but nothing seemed sweeter than trying to bust her better half from the table.

They had an early confrontation where Kurganov talked Boeree into showing one card where she had him beat. Boeree three-bet him preflop with pocket queens, Kurganov four-bet with ace queen and faced a long, cold stare from her before Boeree moved all in.

Kurganov doubled up twice through Boeree. “It felt really good, it felt so much better than doubling up through another person,” he said. “I’d like to do that more often.”

Though they began the hand hugging, they were play fighting with each other after he doubled up. “Get out of here,” he said to her.

“What is this?” she asked.

Kurganov’s rally didn’t last long as he exited the table in fifth place. “Poker has this awesome thing where if you know the other person, then you anticipate their moves,” Kurganov said from the interview couch about playing against his significant other.

“They know that you anticipate, and etc. etc., so it becomes this really interesting mind game,” said Kurganov. “With playing her, we are totally in it. Because we play all sorts of games with each other all the time. We play chess – all games where competition and fury suits you. It’s a lot of fun.”

“We try to kill each other basically,” Boeree chimed in from the table.

The most sincere hug in the history of Poker After Dark. (Photo: Poker Central)

Watch the entire “Voices Carry” episode only on PokerGO that featured Greg Mueller, Jason Koon, Eric Worre and Randall Emmett. A third week of brand-new Poker After Dark episodes are set for September 5 – 7 live from the ARIA Resort & Casino.