“Poker After Dark” is officially back and that means that PokerGO is the home for the biggest names and biggest stakes. From nosebleed cash games to High Roller sit & go’s, “Poker After Dark” will have it all and while event replays are available on-demand on PokerGO, “Photos After Dark” will quickly recap each session with exclusive photos from the ARIA set.

Same shit, different day for Tom Dwan. After making his return to televised poker on Monday, and winning pocket aces versus pocket kings, Dwan picked up where he left off in Tuesday’s session. Dwan busted Bill Klein with bottom set against two-pair and then set-over-set Jean-Robert Bellande towards the end of the $200/$400 cash game to nearly book a $1 million win. He might not have eclipsed seven-figures but over the first two nights of Poker After Dark, Dwan has certainly felt and run like a million bucks.

While Dwan ended the night with an over $1 million stack, Andrew Robl began the night behind seven-figures. The online prodigy turned high stakes legend, pictured top, bought in for a cool $1 million in his Poker After Dark debut and while he may not have flown as high as Durrrr, he played a big pot against Doyle Brunson and will likely return with another pile for the week’s final session, which could play even bigger than the first two episodes.

Those first two episodes involved some of the biggest names in poker but also included Super High Roller Bowl veteran Lauren Roberts. The businesswoman, mother and cancer survivor is relatively new to the poker world, compared to her table mates, but has not shied away from the high stakes action. On the first night of play, Roberts lost a sizable pot to Daniel Negreanu’s flopped nut flush and last night, Roberts got rivered by Jean-Robert Bellande in a nearly $400,000 pot. Those beats were more or less impossible to avoid and Roberts will hope the deck is kinder tonight, when she returns for the final session of the week.

The other new addition to the lineup last night, along with Robl, was Doyle Brunson. The poker legend opens each Poker After Dark episode with his iconic, “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” quote and he lived that line last night. Even in his old age, Brunson is still a highly respected professional, who primarily plays in Las Vegas’ biggest mixed games, and while he tweeted that he may not return for the final session of the week, Brunson will always have a spot on my Poker Mount Rushmore

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