Under the Gun” lived up to every expectation in the first night of $100/$200 action on Poker After Dark. Phil Hellmuth made his return to PokerGO and joining him were 2018 WSOP bracelet winner Jean-Robert Bellande and Jennifer Tilly alongside PokerGO Studio resident Randall Emmett.

Hellmuth delivered the headlines in his first Poker After Dark appearance since winning his record 15th bracelet this summer. A $10,000 buy-in led to a win of over $200,000 for Hellmuth who played a central role in many of the night’s largest pots.

Relive all the action here:

Newcomer to Poker After Dark Daniel Weinand earned himself a prime welcome to the felt. Weinand picked up two major pocket pairs in the early going and collected massive pots from Emmett as a result. The businessman proved to be a force right away.

Emmett found trouble soon after against Weinand and Tilly. Flopping the nuts was a mistake for Emmett who then had to fade the draw of Tilly and the set of Weinand. The worst-case scenario took place and put Emmett in a deeper hole on the night.

The drama culminated in an unbelievable hand at the end of the night. Hellmuth and Bellande were in the middle of respective monster sessions until Hellmuth decided to get tricky with pocket aces. Bellande went into the tank and touched the ocean floor during his seven minutes of decision making. What comes next is already legend among the greatest hands in Poker After Dark history with $235,000 on the line.

Hellmuth and the rest of the gang return tomorrow night to wrap up “Under the Gun” week with another $100/$200 game.

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