In one of the most eclectic lineups ever assembled on Poker After Dark, “My Favorite Pro” pits two top pros against a group of wildcards on PokerGO.

When two amateurs, one bracelet winner, one Las Vegas pro, and two of best in the game collide, things are bound to get weird. Now on PokerGO inside THE VAULT sits one of the strangest chapters in Poker After Dark history. The lineup doesn’t really have a set theme, it’s more like a random table draw in a World Series of Poker tournament.

In one seat you have Australian Craig (Not Phil) Ivey and next door to him is fellow recreational player James Ashby. The two players ostensibly won their seat online and now are seated with Phil Hellmuth and Chris Ferguson. Also seated in the $20,000 winner take all Sit-n-Go is Steve Bartlett, who won is his seat in a charity event. Lodged in the fourth seat is Hellmuth with German pro Jens Voertmann on his left.

It’s not really clear how Voertmann won his seat but his credentials stand up to the table. In 2008, Voertmann won the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. bracelet at the WSOP for almost $300,000. No Limit Hold’em is not among that mix but Voertmann’s skills in this game are on par with the early development of his countrymen.

Ferguson is seated on the end of the table and the only primary conversation in the game is between him and Hellmuth. It makes for an interesting dynamic with one end of the table talkative and the other as quiet as Hellmuth only when he sleeps.

Voertmann and Ferguson clash early with only one surviving to battle against Hellmuth for professional supremacy.

Sitting the two recreational players who are playing on TV for the first time likely has something to do with this. Ivey and Ashby eventually loosen up but it takes a few prods from Hellmuth along with autographed copies of his book to get things into gear.

If it feels like there’s been a lot of Hellmuth in this space recently, the four out of five appearances to start Season 6 probably has something to do with it. Also, all episodes from the recent “Holidays with Hellmuth” week on Poker After Dark are now available on PokerGO.

Jump into THE VAULT now to watch this episode along with all things Poker After Dark related with new episodes to be announced on Poker Central at the start of the new year.

Phil Hellmuth