Patrik Antonius, one of the most iconic high-stakes cash game players in poker, made history on Sunday when he won the largest pot ever broadcast on a U.S. poker live stream. On the third and final day of No Gamble, No Future's "Cash of the Titans" game that was live-streamed on PokerGO, Antonius topped Eric Persson in a pot worth $1,978,000.

The record-setting hand took place from inside the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. At the time the hand aired on the PokerGO live stream of the game, it set a new record for the biggest live-streamed cash-game hand in the United States. The previous record was a $1,158,000 pot from Hustler Casino Live.

On Day 3 of No Gamble, No Future's "Cash of the Titans," the game was being played with limits of $1,000/$2,000 with a $2,000 big blind ante to start. If you missed the epic hand, check out the highlight clip from the PokerGO YouTube channel.

How the Biggest Pot in U.S. Live Stream History was Played

Eric Persson started the action with a raise to $7,000 with the queen-nine of hearts. Rob Yong flat-called on the button with ace-two of clubs, then Patrik Antonius reraised to $30,000 from the small blind holding the ace-king of hearts. Both Persson and Yong made the call.

The flop was eight-three-three with two hearts. Antonius was first and bet $40,000 into the pot of $94,000. Persson snap raised to $140,000, Yong moved out of the way, and Antonius reraised to $250,000. Persson quickly made the call.

The turn was the ace of spades. Antonius bet $150,000, and Persson raised all in for what was effectively $692,000. Antonius called and saw that he had Persson drawing stone dead going to the river. The river completed the board with the jack of spades and the $1,978,000 was pushed Antonius' way.

Andrew Robl Wins $1,269,000 Pot

Later in the show, Patrik Antonius was involved in another monster pot. This time his opponent was longtime high-stakes pro Andrew Robl.

Eric Persson had limped under the gun with jack-two of hearts. Antonius was on the button with pocket nines and raised to $10,000. Robl reraised from the big blind to $52,000 with jack-ten of clubs. Persson folded, and Antonius called.

The flop was queen-nine-eight with two spades, giving Robl a flopped straight and Antonius middle set of nines. Robl led with a bet of $65,000, and Antonius called.

The turn was the three of spades to put a third spade on board. With $239,000 in the middle, Robl fired a bet of $140,000. Antonius called.

The river was the four of hearts. Robl launched $375,000 into the pot of $519,000. Antonius went into the tank for a little bit, then called and saw the bad news. Robl's straight was good and he collected the $1,269,000 pot.

$1,657,000 Chopped Pot

With about one hour left in the game, Andrew Robl and Rob Yong clashed in a pot worth $1,657,000. The exciting part of it becoming the second-largest pot ever broadcast on a U.S. poker live stream was quickly dampened.

Both players had an offsuit ace-king. Yong had straddled for $4,000, and Robl limped in from the big blind. Yong made it $39,000 to go, then Robl fired all in for a huge shove worth $826,000. Yong snap-called.

The board was an anticlimactic one, with no flush draws coming for either player and they chopped up the pot.

Markus Gonsalves Scoops $1,298,000 with Aces

With a $4,000 straddle on from Andrew Robl, Rob Yong raised to $15,000 from the next seat with pocket queens. Markus Gonsalves was in the small blind and looked down at pocket aces. He made it $61,000 to go. Play folded back to Yong, and he put in a reraise to $250,000. Gonsalves moved all in for $644,000, and Yong called.

The players agreed before the start of Day 3 to only run it once, so Yong had just one runout to try and crack Gonsalves' aces. The board came jack-nine-three-nine-seven to keep Gonsalves in front with aces and ship him the $1,298,000 pot.

Unique "Cash of the Titans" Format

The format for No Gamble, No Future's "Cash of the Titans" saw six players - Patrik Antonius, Eric Persson, Rob Yong, Andrew Robl, Markus Gonsalves, and Matthew "MJ" Gonzales - buy-in for $1,000,000 and post $100,000 on the side.

The million-dollar buy-in cash game element allowed players two $500,000 bullets and the blinds began at $500/$500. Players could start with $500,000 and add the second $500,000 bullet later, or start with the full $1,000,000.

The game ran over three days, with two three-hour levels played on each day. Every new level brought an increase in the blind structure, which brought them to playing limits of $1,000/$2,000 with a $2,000 big blind ante to start Day 3.

The $100,000 on the side was a side wager that would award the $600,000 pot to the game's biggest winner.

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