The PokerGO referral program is live! Starting today, you get $20 in cold hard cash for everyone friend, family member, an acquaintance, neighbor or the guys and girls from your local home game.

Click on the button that says “EARN $20” at the top of your screen when you’re logged into your PokerGO account, and follow the instructions right there.

You can refer friends directly from the PokerGO website through e-mail, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Customize your message on the spot before sending the invite, or copy the direct link that will allow you to refer friends using your preferred method. Join the PokerGO referral program now.

Looking to give your friends an extra push? Here’s a brief overview of what’s available on PokerGO right now.

Terms and conditions apply. If you’re new to PokerGO yourself, sign up now and tell your friends!


PokerGO referral program

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