The third time is the charm for Nick Petrangelo at the 2022 Stairway To Millions. Petrangelo was at his third final table of the series on Wednesday. This time, he came out on top, winning Event #7: $50,000 NL Hold’em for $567,000.

Previously in the 2022 Stairway To Millions series, Petrangelo finished fifth in Event #4: $8,400 NL Hold’em for $35,840 and second in Event #6: $25,000 NL Hold’em for $175,000.

With the win, Petrangelo moved to the top of the 2022 PokerGO Tour leaderboard.

Stairway To Millions Event #7 Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Nick Petrangelo United States $567,000
2 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina $315,000
3 Chris Brewer United States $168,000

There were 21 entries in Stairway To Millions Event #7, creating a $1,050,000 prize pool. The top three players made the money and their prize included a $100,000 seat into Event #8 of the 2022 Stairway to Millions.

How Petrangelo Won Event #7

Back in Level 4 on Day 1, Nick Petrangelo made trips against Chris Brewer to double his chip stack. Brewer quickly doubled back through Petrangelo, but then Petrangelo eliminated Stephen Chidwick to get some chips back. After that, Jason Koon won a big pot off Petrangelo to knock Petrangelo to under 100,000 in chips.

After registration closed and play entered Level 8, Alex Foxen doubled through Petrangelo to knock Petrangelo down to 9,000 chips with the blinds at 4,000-8,000. Petrangelo tripled up after that to get his comeback going and then doubled through Koon to get back over 100,000 in chips.

When the tournament was down to the final nine players and they joined at a single table, Petrangelo was the shortest stack. He found another double up through Koon and then busted Jake Schindler in eighth place.

After that, Petrangelo knocked out Sean Perry in sixth place and Bill Klein in seventh place on the same hand. Petrangelo’s ace-king went up against Perry’s pocket tens and Klein’s ace-three. A king hit the flop and Petrangelo held from there.

Ali Imsirovic busted Koon in fifth place and Anuj Agarwal in fourth place to end play for Day 1. When play ended, three players remained with Imsirovic on top. Petrangelo was in second and Chris Brewer was third.

On Day 2, Petrangelo made quick work of Brewer. Brewer was all in with jack-ten against Petrangelo’s pocket fives. Petrangelo turned a full house and left Brewer drawing dead.

Imsirovic entered heads-up play with the chip lead and began to extend the gap. Petrangelo fell below 500,000 in chips before he doubled through Imsirovic. After that, Petrangelo shoved the turn of a jack-four-two-three board with ace-four and Imsirovic was forced to fold his king-eight, which moved Petrangelo into the chip lead.

Eventually, Imsirovic found ace-nine in the big blind and shoved over a button raise from Petrangelo. Petrangelo had two aces and quickly called. No help came for Imsirovic and he was out in second place.

2022 PGT Leaderboard Top 10

Rank Player Country Points
1 Nick Petrangelo United States 445
2 Michael Wang United States 354
3 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia & Herzegovina 351
4 Punnat Punsri Thailand 251
5 Alex Foxen United States 251
6 Jake Schindler United States 197
7 Chris Brewer United States 190
8 Masashi Oya Japan 149
9 Erik Seidel United States 145
10 Larry Greenberg United States 135

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2022 Stairway To Millions Schedule

Date Event Buy-In Fee (On-Time) Fee (Late/Reentry) Starting Stack Guarantee
Jan. 12 Stairway To Millions #1 $1,000 $100 $100 100,000 $100,000
Jan. 13 Stairway To Millions #2 $2,000 $150 $150 100,000 $100,000
Jan. 14 Stairway To Millions #3 $4,000 $100 $200 100,000 $100,000
Jan. 15 Stairway To Millions #4 $8,000 $200 $400 100,000 $200,000
Jan. 16 Stairway To Millions #5 $15,000 $400 $800 125,000 $300,000
Jan. 17 Stairway To Millions #6 $25,000 $500 $1,000 125,000 $500,000
Jan. 18 Stairway To Millions #7 $50,000 $1,000 $2,000 150,000 $500,000
Jan. 19 Stairway To Millions #8 $100,000 $1,000 $3,000 200,000 $1,200,000

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