LAS VEGAS, NV (April 12, 2022) — NFT Stadium, a fan-first full-service NFT development agency and marketplace, announced today that the company is teaming up with PokerGO®, the world’s largest poker content company, to launch the brand’s genesis NFT collection. This collection will include 1,326 unique, stylized NFTs represented by the number of possible starting hand combinations in the popular Texas hold’em poker game. NFT holders will have exclusive access to PokerGO rewards, including VIP event access, free subscriptions, and chances to win pieces of live poker action when their hand appears in winning moments of tournament play.

NFT Stadium offers a 360-degree fandom experience, connecting the most engaged and passionate fans to their favorite teams, athletes, gamers, musicians, personalities, and brands with exclusive access. NFT Stadium Genesis token holders, PokerGO subscribers, and select poker gaming and Web3 communities will have whitelist access to the PokerGO NFT launch and minting, followed by public sales. Buyers will receive an unrevealed NFT and have the opportunity to “sweat their hand” for a week before seeing their cards. Follow NFT Stadium on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date on the collection drop happening May 2022 or visit www.nftstadium.io.

“Partnering with PokerGO for NFT Stadium’s debut partner collection launch was an easy decision as PokerGO fans and subscribers have proven to be the most engaged and passionate of any gaming content enterprise,” said Sam Simmons, Consulting Chief Strategy Officer of NFT Stadium, former President of PokerGO. “This collection offers poker fans a chance to connect with a fandom community and have a shared interest in winning moments past and present including legendary players and the most exciting personalities in the game. They’ll receive exclusive digital and tangible rewards connected to the game they love.”

With PokerGO’s unmatched historical archive and more than 100 days of live event streaming each year, including popular tournaments such as the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, PokerGO Cup, Stairway to Millions, and many more, the PokerGO-NFT Stadium partnership offers opportunities for fan connection via Non-Fungible Tokens. Token holder rewards will include chances to win signed cards, tournament felts, and other exclusive digital and physical items related to their PokerGO NFT hand when it appears in winning moments of the broadcasts, along with participation in live or community-based events.

“We’re thrilled to partner with NFT Stadium to offer poker fans an authentic and immersive experience in a truly new and unique way,” said Mori Eskandani, President of PokerGO and Poker Hall of Famer. “As PokerGO showcases the game’s elite players in the world’s most competitive tournaments, our intent is to leverage NFT technology, PokerGO’s unmatched collection of poker content, and NFT Stadium’s development skills and Web3 strategy to create a fan-driven community that gives PokerGO’s most engaged followers a stake in the games and access to exclusive spaces and perks that deliver real value and a fandom experience unavailable anywhere else.”

PokerGO is the world’s #1 poker streaming platform, offering exclusive coverage of the PokerGO Tour, including the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, and PokerGO Cup, plus additional on-demand poker content and access to legendary past tournaments. Find out more at www.pokergo.com. NFT Stadium leverages blockchain technology to engage the most loyal fans, using NFTs as a starting point to build fandom communities and offer exclusive perks and rewards to nurture passionate followers. Learn more at www.nftstadium.io.

About NFT Stadium
NFT Stadium is a fan-first full-service NFT marketplace and development agency dedicated to creating innovative NFT experiences for passionate fanbases across sports, gaming, music, and entertainment. The NFT Stadium team provides technology and guidance to help brand partners use NFTs to create participatory relationships between IP holders and their fans. NFT Stadium is also a full-service NFT marketplace that offers original collections and serves as a platform-agnostic secondary market to buy and sell NFTs from collections minted anywhere. Please visit www.nftstadium.io to learn more. Join the conversation on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Discord.

About PokerGO®
PokerGO® is the world’s largest poker content company delivering poker’s most premier live events around the world to consumers. The platform delivers more than 100 days of live poker on an annual basis, streaming PokerGO® owned and operated tournaments such as the Super High Roller Bowl, Poker Masters, U.S. Poker Open, and PokerGO Cup, along with select World Series of Poker final tables and more. PokerGO’s video-on-demand library includes original content that provides unmatched access to the world of poker, including “High Stakes Poker” and “High Stakes Duel.” PokerGO curates programming that spans from expert commentary on the game to tales of iconic moments in poker history, to behind-the-scenes interviews with notable poker stars and more. For more information, please visit http://www.pokergo.com/. Become a part of the PokerGO community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Discord.

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