Monday morning. Your alarm goes off for the first time in two days, you head back to the office and then spend the first few hours of the workday planning out how you’ll survive until closing time on Friday. Luckily, Poker Central and Death Wish Coffee have you covered. The world’s strongest coffee gives you a “Morning Perk”, recapping the weekend sports action on Monday and then the best from across the internet on Friday.

The first 30 minutes of Super Bowl LI was complete and utter domination. The Atlanta Falcons jumped out to a 21-3 halftime lead and it seemed that the trend of non-competitive NFL playoff games was going to continue. Then, everything changed. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots put together arguably, although no one seems to be saying otherwise, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Down the stretch, the toughest decision fans had to make was to watch the game or their timelines, as the “Twitterverse” was, as the kids say, lit. If you were glued to the TV, we’ve got you covered with the best tweets from before, during and after Super Bowl LI.

While we love and adore Migos, the three-man Atlanta rap group doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Outkast. Andre 3000 and Big Boi will, forever, be the greatest thing to come out of Atlanta but Matt Ryan had a chance to join them atop the ATL Power Rankings if he could lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl victory. For 30 minutes, it looked like Ryan was the hero Atlanta deserved but in the end, it wasn’t to be. Migos, we need you. 

Skip Bayless is the King of Twitter Hot Takes and by halftime, Bayless had called the fight. A few hours after anointing the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl champions, Bayless had jumped bandwagons and was ranting and raving about Tom Brady and the Patriots, Rodger Goodell getting booed and how Super Bowl 51 was the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. Remember these tweets for when Bayless starts to talk about how Brady should retire in a few months because it’s 100% going to happen. 

Joel Embiid might not have been named to the Eastern Conference NBA All-Star team but he gets our Twitter All-Star vote every day and twice on Sundays. This Sunday, Embiid continued to spit hot fire, making fun of himself and his Philadelphia 76ers in the process. Embiid joked that the Falcons were “tanking” in the second half, something he and Sixer fans know a lot about.

The reason Tom Brady and the Patriots don’t have seven Super Bowl titles, two otherworldly catches by New York Giants receivers. The reason Tom Brady and the Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl title last night, Julian Edelman’s grittiness. Edelman somehow kept the ball from touching the turf on a critical third down late in the game and the NFL Twitter account more or less summed up everyone’s thoughts on the play.

I’d venture to say that Poker Central Ambassador Maria Ho was not the only person who became a football fan last night. How could you not? Two heavyweight offenses going blow for blow, an epic comeback, the first overtime in Super Bowl history and, to top it off, another Lombardi Trophy for the greatest dynasty in NFL history. Maria was on the edge of her seat and so were millions of others.  

Boston legend and sports super fan Mark Wahlberg wasn’t going to miss Super Bowl LI for anything but apparently, Marky Mark did miss the end of the game. Wahlberg apparently left NRG Stadium when the Patriots were down after halftime but it wasn’t because he lost faith in his hometown team. Wahlberg later explained on Instagram that his youngest son wasn’t feeling well and that he always puts family first.   


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