When we last checked in on Kanye West, he was releasing a 17-minute long song without any actual Kanye West. Last night, Kanye scaled back the length of his latest release, instead of 17 minutes, we got just over two, with no Kanye and a whole lost of static. The video surfaced on a mysterious website and the only text on the site reads “KANYE WEST”, “NASA”, “PROJECT 10” and “MARCH 20”. 


Wait, there is more! MTV reported that a package had been delivered to its office with some cryptic contents, that included a VHS tape with a label reading “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and a white card. The white card, pictured below, had the numbers 772233688 written in the middle and the people at HYPEBEAST attempted to make sense of the numbers by punching them into an older phone pad. That yielded the words “SPACED OUT”, which could make sense of the NASA reference.

“PROJECT 10” likely coordinates with the fact that Kanye’s next album will be his 10th and, takes deep breath, that likely means that this new album or whatever it is Kanye is doing is going to drop on “MARCH 20”. That is Monday and while Kanye and his record companies have said nothing about the package, website or album speculation, nothing Kanye West does or might do should surprise anyone. I, for one, will be mashing refresh and tracking any and all Kanye activity until Monday, see everyone then.