The Major League Gaming Call of Duty World League Atlanta Open connected hundreds of gamers of miles of cable for the largest gaming convention in the Southeast. Trillions of ones and zeros raced all over the convention center floor crunched by dozens of Playstation 4s. We tried to wrap our head around some of the numbers involved.

134 – Number of individual PS4s on the floor.

8 – Days of setup for technical crew.

2,500 – Number seats to watch Main Stage action.

50 – Hours of coverage streamed on Twitch.

744 – Total competitors in play.

7 – Game Maps in play: Scorch, Crusher, Throwback, Retaliation, Precinct, Breakout, Frost

$200,000 – Prize Pool for the top eight teams.

>5% – Female Gamers in the Open Bracket

60,000 – Total Pro Points Awarded

170 – Teams in the Open Bracket Division

3 – Game Types in play: Hardpoint, Uplink, Search & Destroy