This week on Throwback Hands” we are treated to the tank of all tanks from an unexpected source. Michael Mizrachi never takes long to decide on an action but he hits a pause here on the river against Erick Lindgren.

Walking its way into THE VAULT on PokerGO this week is a river decision that has the whole table up in arms. Everyone has a say in Mizrachi’s river agony. As he chews through ice, Mizrachi chews to try and get to the heart of Lindgren’s hand.

Is it possible that jack-high is the best hand? Anything is possible when you step into Mizrachi’s mental labyrinth. Lindgren is sure his hand is good leading him to beg Mizrachi to “Throw me a bone.”

Even Daniel Negreanu is surprised by what Mizrachi is tanking with.

The hand is a unique one and is worth every second of entertainment value. Subscribe to PokerGO today to find this hand and more in THE VAULT.

More great content is on its way to PokerGO including the fourth edition of Super High Roller Bowl.

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