Michael Addamo is the Super High Roller Bowl VI champion. On Wednesday, Addamo defeated three-time Super High Roller Bowl champion Justin Bonomo in heads-up play to win the 21-entry tournament and capture his first Super High Roller Bowl title. For the victory, Addamo won $3,402,000.

“Not really, to be honest,” Addamo said when asked if all of the winning he’s been doing has sunk in yet. “I’m thinking about registering the 25K. It hasn’t really sunk in. I think maybe after a week with some good sleep and rest that I’ll be like, ‘All right, that was an insane week.'”

Addamo has been on quite the impressive two-week heater. He showed up at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas and won the penultimate event of the 2021 Poker Masters, Event #11: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em, for $680,000. He then grabbed first place in the final event of the series, Event #12: $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em, to score $1,160,000 and win the coveted Purple Jacket. With the Super High Roller Bowl VI triumph, Addamo has won a combined $5,242,000 at the PokerGO Studio in two weeks.

“I’d say, ‘That’s like a one-in-a-million chance or something ridiculous,'” Addamo said when looking back on any expectations to win all of these events consecutively.

In the end, Addamo bested Bonomo when his flush beat Bonomo’s two pair. For Addamo, the win allowed him to get some revenge against Bonomo after Bonomo beat Addamo to win the Super High Roller Bowl Online title in June 2020.

“I’d say I’m a very competitive person, so I was definitely trying my best and battling hard,” he said when asked about having any extra motivation to come out on top this time. “It was good to get the win, but it was pretty lucky in the end with flush versus two pair.”

In addition to everything that Addamo has won – the money, the ring, the jacket – the victory pushed Addamo to the top of Australia’s all-time earnings list, as tracked by HendonMob.com, ahead of Joe Hachem.

“That’s nice,” Addamo said. “Joe is a good guy and also good friends with Kahle (good friend of Addamo).”

Super High Roller Bowl VI Results
Place Name Country Points Prize
1st Michael Addamo Australia 600 $3,402,000
2nd Justin Bonomo United States 400 $1,890,000
3rd Sean Winter United States 400 $1,008,000

The three-day, $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl VI attracted a star-studded field of 21 entries. Only five players returned for the final day of high-stakes action, and it was Addamo in the lead with Chris Brewer bringing up the rear as the short stack.

Alex Foxen was the first player to bust. The last time this event was held, Super High Roller Bowl V in December 2018, Foxen finished second to winner Isaac Haxton. Although Foxen reached Day 3 of Super High Roller Bowl VI, his fifth-place finish meant he would not make the money.

Sitting on fewer than 10 big blinds, Foxen moved all in from the small blind for 170,000 in chips and Bonomo called from the big blind. Foxen had the against Bonomo’s . The flop, turn, and river ran out to knock Foxen out.

With Foxen’s elimination, the biggest money bubble of the year was reached. The next player eliminated would go home empty-handed and the advancing three players would win at least $1,008,000.

Among the final four players, Brewer was the shortest, but he wasn’t too far behind Sean Winter. But Brewer did end up as the “bubble boy” when he fell at the hands of Bonomo.

Using the power of his larger stack, Bonomo moved all in from the button to attack Winter and Brewer in the small blind and big blind, respectively. Winter folded from the small blind, but Brewer found a call for his stack of 325,000 with the . Bonomo had shoved the button with the . The flop was a dramatic one. Although Brewer picked up top pair, Bonomo had a flush draw. The turn was the to keep things clean for Brewer, but then the hit the river to give Bonomo a winning flush.

Addamo maintained the chip lead heading into three-handed play. He had 3,055,000, Bonomo had 2,740,000, and then Winter was in third with 505,000. As the chip counts seemed to let on, Winter’s run ended in third place.

Addamo raised to 65,000 on the button before Winter reraised all in for 815,000 from the big blind. Addamo made the call and revealed the . Winter had the and was at risk. The board gave Addamo a straight to send Winter to the payout desk to collect his $1,008,000 payday.

Heads-up play began with Addamo holding 3,670,000 in chips to Bonomo’s 2,630,000, and the rematch from the final duel of Super High Roller Bowl Online in June 2020 was underway. After a bit of play between the two, the final hand took place with Addamo making a flush against Bonomo’s two pair.

On the button, Bonomo raised to 80,000 with the blinds at 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante. Addamo called and the flop was . Addamo checked and Bonomo checked behind. The turn was the and Addamo led with a bet of 250,000, which was an overbet into the pot of 190,000. Bonomo called and the river was the . Addamo announced that he was all in, shoving for Bonomo’s remaining 2,070,000. Bonomo went into the tank and eventually called with the but his two pair was no good against Addamo’s . As a result, Bonomo finished in second place for $1,890,000.

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