Facts and figures. They make the world go around and, more often than not, tell a story without letting opinions or biases get in the way. Which numbers from the past week tell that story and what quick opinions do we have?

$979,600 – At the beginning of the week, PokerGO polled fans asking how big the pots would get throughout Poker After Dark’s first three episodes. If you answered over $750,000, that was just 21% of you, you were right. That threshold was almost beat on Monday night, we’ll get to that in a second, but it was crushed when Bill Klein and Matthew “Aussie Matt” Kirk collided in a nearly $980,000 chip pot during “The Return of Tom Dwan” finale.

$1,592,000 – While Kirk finished with just shy of a seven-figure stack on Wednesday night, Andrew Robl was the game’s biggest winner. The high stakes regular sat down with $1,000,000 to start play and by night’s end, was behind just shy of a mind-boggling $1.6 million chip stack. With the clubhouse lead and the desire to play more Poker After Dark, it will be interesting to see if anyone can beat that lofty total over the next few weeks.

395,795 – The $200/$400 cash game boasted a $100,000 minimum buy-in but that number never really mattered. The average buy-in was likely close to three or four times that minimum number, which is also how many views the previously mentioned aces versus kings hand from Monday night currently has on the Poker Central YouTube channel. Watch the hand that started it all, along with other content from Uncle Ron, Drea Renee, and more.

75% – Another PokerGO poll went live yesterday and asked fans to name their Poker After Dark Most Valuable Player from the first three days of filming. As of publishing, 75% of fans selected Tom Dwan as their MVP and while that is to be expected, he was returning to televised poker for the first time in nearly seven years, but the real MVP, for me, was Kirk, who forced the action and stole the show during his debut on Wednesday night.

18 – If you missed any of the Poker After Dark action this week, have no fear! There is nearly 18 hours of Poker After Dark action waiting for you on PokerGO. Alll PAD episodes will be saved to the PokerGO on-demand library, alongside Super High Roller Bowl and World Series of Poker event replays.