Facts and figures. They make the world go around and, more often than not, tell a story without letting opinions or biases get in the way. Which numbers from this past week tell that story and what quick opinions do we have?

411 – Outside the poker world, March Madness controlled the headlines but inside the community, the heads up match between Mike Dentale and Cate Hall had the Twitch and Twitterverse entertained on Sunday. Before we get to what happened during the match, here is how SugarHouse Casino, Poker Night in America and Matt Glantz got these two into the ring.

$30,000 – The match was structured with a best-of-three $15,000 freezeout format but we didn’t get to see Game 3, as Cate Hall went 2-0 and locked up a $30,000 win. Maybe more important than the money though, Hall won the ego war and silenced any potential critics she may have had heading into the match.

8,000 – Cate Hall won The Grudge Match but the biggest winner was the poker world. Few live streamed events get much more than a few thousand viewers, on a good day, and during an action-packed sports weekend, Poker Night in America’s live stream of the heads up match consistently hovered near the 8,000 viewer mark. The entire match has been posted to all PNIA channels but what most are waiting for is the highlights that will make the TV broadcast later this year.

$1,966 – The match used the hashtag #MikeAndCatePlusHate to build up four months of marketing and promotion but both Dentale and Hall came together to support different charities during the match. Hall supported The Committee to Protect Journalists, an independent organization that promotes press freedom around the world, and Dentale supported the Community Volunteers in Medicine West Chester chapter. Nearly $2,000 has already been raised and with donations remaining open through that previously mentioned TV broadcast, that figure should only continue to rise.

672 – At the time of publishing, Cate Hall’s simple and eloquent post-match tweet had 672 favorites, including one by yours truly. I’d venture to guess that Hall was just having fun and making a joke and wasn’t serious about lining up another heads up match but if she was, there were plenty of people in the replies…