Maxx Coleman emerged victorious in Event #8: $25,300 10-Game Championship at PGT Mixed Games II. Coleman topped the 29-entry field to win $245,630.

Coleman was one of nine players remaining for Day 2 of the event, and he came into Day 2 seventh in chips. Coleman eliminated Jared Bleznick on the very first hand of Day 2 and never seemed to look back. After busting Bleznick, Coleman built his stack to more than 1,000,000 in chips and stayed a force from there on out.

PGT Mixed Games II Event #8 Results

Place Player Country Points Prize
1st Maxx Coleman United States 174 $245,630
2nd Alex Livingston Canada 113 $232,870
3rd Chino Rheem United States 70 $116,000
4th John Hennigan United States 48 $79,750
5th Dylan Weisman United States 30 $50,750

Jeremy Ausmus was eliminated on the money bubble, and then it was Dylan Weisman busting in fifth place for $50,750. Alex Livingston then knocked out John Hennigan in fourth place for $79,750 before Coleman eliminated Chino Rheem in third place for $116,000. That set up the heads-up match between Livingston and Coleman, with Livingston having the lead to start.

After reaching head-up play, Coleman and Livingston agreed to a deal that modified the payouts and had them playing for a $25,000 remainder. From there, heads-up play swung back and forth as the chip lead changed numerous times between the two. Eventually after about three hours of play, Coleman opened up a lead that Livingston ultimately couldn't come back from. Coleman finished Livingston in a hand of limit hold'em, with Livingston taking second place for $232,870.

Coleman got the victory and the extra $25,000, winning the event for $245,630.

Coleman also added 174 PGT leaderboard points, which was good enough to push him into the top 40 of the PGT leaderboard. Coleman now has 857 points on the season and is currently in 39th place. At the end of the 2023 PGT season, the top 40 players as ranked by the PGT leaderboard qualify for the season-ending PGT Championship $1,000,000 freeroll.

PGT Mixed Games II Series Leaderboard Top 10

Also in this event, Rheem's third-place finish got him 70 PGT points and helped him lock up the PGT Mixed Games II series title. With Event #9: $5,100 NL 2-7 Single Draw drawing 24 entries, Rheem's lead is safe and he is officially the PGT Mixed Games II series champion.

Rank Player Wins Cashes Winnings PGT Points
1 Chino Rheem 1 5 $433,600 388
2 Nick Schulman 1 3 $273,900 274
3 David Funkhouser 1 2 $241,000 241
4 Dylan Weisman 1 3 $250,350 240
5 Maxx Coleman 1 2 $260,030 188
6 Hal Rotholz 1 2 $181,200 181
7 Dzmitry Urbanovich 1 1 $179,200 179
8 John Hennigan 0 3 $$170,350 139
9 Paul Volpe 0 1 $136,800 137
10 Alex Livingston 0 2 $254,470 135

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