For players that are in contention, “Masters Sunday” is usually the most important Sunday of their lives. 18 holes separate golfers from the Green Jacket and four Sundays separate the world’s best poker players from the start of their 2018 Poker Masters journey. Before the race to the Poker Masters Purple Jacket® begins, Poker Central will preview the highest stakes week of the year with “Masters Sunday” updates covering everything and anything Poker Masters.

This week’s Masters Sunday was supposed to highlight the top Poker Masters contenders. Instead, a worldwide phenomenon has brought on another change to the 2018 Poker Masters schedule. Short Deck will debut at next month’s Poker Masters, marking the first time a high stakes Short Deck tournament has been played and streamed live from the United States.

The $10,000 Short Deck event will replace the $25,000 No Limit Hold’em event on Monday, September 10 and stream live on PokerGO on Tuesday, September 11.

“It’s great to see the first Short Deck tourney reach American soil.” said Jason Koon. The Super High Roller Bowl final tablist regularly plays the world’s biggest Short Deck games and Koon was looking forward playing during Poker Masters at ARIA Resort and Casino. “ARIA run the best tournaments in the world and hopefully there are lots more in the future.”

Is Short Deck the future? The Poker Central Podcast has talked endlessly about the newly popular variant, but the game has yet to be featured in any major domestic series. That changes during next month’s Poker Masters series.

“No-Limit Hold’em remains the Cadillac of Poker, but players have been looking for the next evolution. We believe Short Deck is it.” said Sean McCormack, Director of Poker Operations at ARIA. “Players are both intrigued and excited for the challenge of learning Short Deck and ARIA Poker is happy to announce this change to the 2018 Poker Masters schedule.”

A newly updated schedule is posted below:

Friday, September 7 Poker Masters #1 $10,000 NLH*
Saturday, September 8 Poker Masters #2 $25,000 NLH*
Sunday, September 9 Poker Masters #3 $25,000 PLO*
Monday, September 10 Poker Masters #4 $10,000 Short Deck*
Tuesday, September 11 Poker Masters #5 $25,000 NLH*
Wednesday, September 12 Poker Masters #6 $50,000 NLH^
Thursday, September 13 Poker Masters #7 $100,000 NLH Main Event^

*Double re-entry events. ^Single re-entry events. 

Next week, Masters Sunday returns to our regularly scheduled programming with a look at the top Poker Masters contenders.

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