For players that are in contention, “Masters Sunday” is usually the most important Sunday of their lives. 18 holes separate golfers from the Green Jacket and five Sundays separate the world’s best poker players from the start of their 2018 Poker Masters journey. Before the race to the Poker Masters Purple Jacket® begins, Poker Central will preview the highest stakes week of the year with “Masters Sunday” updates covering everything and anything Poker Masters.  

The 2018 Poker Masters will feature seven High Roller events, including a $100,000 NLH Main Event. The three-day event begins on September 13, but the highest stakes week of the year begins on September 7. That’s when Poker Masters opens with a $10,000 High Roller.

The series continues with bigger buy-ins leading up to the $100,000 NLH Main Event, including three $25,000 NLH High Rollers and a $25,000 PLO High Roller. The Pot Limit Omaha event will be the first time a game other than No Limit Hold’em has been played at Poker Masters. Non-NLH events made their High Roller Triple Crown™ debut during this year’s U.S. Poker Open, as that series included both a $10,000 PLO event and a $25,000 Mixed Game Championship.

A complete 2018 Poker Masters tournament schedule is provided below:

Friday, September 7 Poker Masters #1 $10,000 NLH*
Saturday, September 8 Poker Masters #2 $25,000 NLH*
Sunday, September 9 Poker Masters #3 $25,000 PLO*
Monday, September 10 Poker Masters #4 $25,000 NLH*
Tuesday, September 11 Poker Masters #5 $25,000 NLH*
Wednesday, September 12 Poker Masters #6 $50,000 NLH^
Thursday, September 13 Poker Masters #7 $100,000 NLH Main Event^

*Double re-entry events. ^Single re-entry events. 

While Poker Masters is borrowing mixed games from the U.S. Poker Open, that doesn’t mean that the USPO will be borrowing Poker Masters claim to fame as the highest stakes week of the year.

Players that play one entry in every 2018 Poker Masters event will put up over $250,000 in buy-ins, while a maximum amount of entries across the entire series will yield over $600,000 worth of buy-ins. The single entry figure for this year’s U.S. Poker Open did not exceed $200,000.

With high price points and a week-long schedule that High Rollers have only previously dreamed about, millions of dollars will be up for grabs during this year’s Poker Masters series. Next week, Masters Sunday will dive into who will be playing for those millions and who are the top Purple Jacket contenders.

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