There are twenty-five cities in the world named “Houston”. Only one of those cities will host Super Bowl LI this weekend though, that being the most popular Houston local in Texas. Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who knows the hype surrounding Super Bowl Weekend thanks to back-to-back trips in 2013 and 2014 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, wanted to see if other Houston cities were as excited. That journey took him to Houston, Scotland and hilarity ensued.

Lynch rode around Houston, Scotland in a bicycle with a Skittles bag connected to it and handed out his favorite candy to everyone he met. Lynch also explored a few castles, fought some Braveheart-looking, kilt-wearing warriors, played the bagpipes and surprisingly, mostly everyone he encountered knew about the upcoming Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

Thanks to Lynch, we now know that the Super Bowl is “so popular” in Scotland and that people stay up to “ridiculous o’clock in the morning” watching their favorite American football teams.

Now, none of these clips live up Lynch ghost-riding a medical cart while he was a collegiate player at California or the greatest run in NFL history but Marshawn Lynch gallivanting around Scotland should be celebrated. It should also get everyone excited for when Lynch goes to Minneapolis, Kansas or North Carolina next year, to get those small US towns excited for Super Bowl LII.