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Since moving to Vegas in October, my friends from home, who are nearly impossible to make plans with, have finally decided when they want to come out and visit their long lost brother. It was collectively decided that the opening weekend of March Madness would make the most sense, killing the most birds with the one stone, if you will. The gloomy weather that Vegas has been covered in for the last few weeks will have broken, there will be dozens of college basketball games to bet on each day but what about those dayclubs?

“If EBC isn’t open count me out.” said my friend, who will remain nameless so that his girlfriend doesn’t know that a trip to Encore Beach Club is something he fantasizes about daily.

Have no fear, Encore Beach Club, along with a majority of Vegas’ best dayclubs, usually open around the start of March. So we’ll be hitting EBC but if you are coming to Sin City before then, where do you turn to get your pool party fix? Thankfully, Marquee’s Dayclub Dome has you covered, literally, for the next few months.

Marquee was not the first club to top their pool for winter when it debuted a cover in 2014 but it has been one of the most successful. The majority of other Strip properties close up shop nowadays, leaving Marquee as the preeminent dayclub destination during the winter months.

It’s no surprise that Marquee and their dome have been so popular over the last few years. Pool parties and dayclubs are one of Las Vegas’ main draws. There are nightclubs all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between but Vegas is one of the only destinations where the party starts in the middle of the day and continues well into the morning hours.

Until the rest of The Strip opens their pools, those endless parties will have to be held on the weekends at The Cosmopolitan. For all your day to night offerings, including upcoming events, table reservations and more, check out the Marquee Dayclub Dome website