Marcello Marigliano has taken down the first Poker Masters Online PLO Series High Roller on partypoker besting a field of 72 entrants to claim to top prize just shy of a quarter-million dollars. Marigliano beat Gavin Cochrane heads up after an epic hour-long battle, all of which can be rewatched in the player below.

Poker Masters Online PLO Series Event #1 Results
Place Name Country Payout
1 Marcello Marigliano United Kingdom $249,053
2 Gavin Cochrane United Kingdom $162,000
3 Norbert Szesci Hungary $86,400
4 Mark Demirjian Lebanon $64,800
5 Jesper Hougaard Denmark $46,800
6 Lasse Nielsen Malta $32,400
7 Niklas Astedt Sweden $26,182
8 Niko Soininen Finland $26,182
9 Andreas Torbergsen Norway $26,182

From the final table, Lasse Nielsen was first to go when he ended up with ace-king-jack-deuce versus Demirjian’s king-nine-eight-five on king-four-five. Both players were double suited in diamonds and hearts with no flush draws in play. The turn brought a queen of diamonds, giving Nielsen the nut flush draw, but the river was a six and Demirjian took down the pot with two pair.

The second player to go was two-time WSOP bracelet winner Jesper Hougaard who ended up all in with ace-king-queen-queen with three spades against Marigliano’s queen-ten-nine-eight. The remainder of the chips went in on an eight-deuce-four flop and Marigliano hit running cards to make his straight.

Demirjian busted in fourth place when he ended up all in with ace-queen-ten-six double suited. Both Marigliano and Gavin Cochrane called Demirjian’s small shove and saw a nine-eight-four flop. Having flopped top set, Cochrane bet and saw Marigliano fold which lead him to send Demirjian to the rail as the turn nor river improved the short stack’s hand.

Hungarian pro Norbert Szecsi busted in third place after an interesting hand that lead him to call all in with nine-nine-five-five after Marigliano shoved with ace-ace-jack-six on queen-queen-deuce. Szesci had a flush draw but when that didn’t come in he was sent packing in third place. After more than an hour of heads-up play, Marigliano took down the event after chipping Cochrane down and busting him holding the better two pair combination.

Jonathan Depa

Jonathan Depa Leads Event #3 Final Table

After eliminating Andras Nemeth to take the chip lead, Jonathan Depa never looked back. The American bagged the top stack heading into tomorrow’s Poker Masters Online: Pot Limit Omaha Event #3 final table.

Knockout after knockout put Depa in a dominant position, but five world-class PLO players won’t make tomorrow easy for the chip leader.

Ukraine’s Andriy Lyubovetskiy and Finland’s Sami Kelopuro will return over 1,000,000, while BK, Eelis Parssinen, and Jens Kyllonen return below the chip average.

Here’s what they’ll be playing for:

  1. $212,000
  2. $135,650.85
  3. $68,900
  4. $47,700
  5. $37,100
  6. $28,649.15

The first Poker Masters Online: Pot Limit Omaha Event #3 final table streams live tomorrow on Facebook and YouTube at 3:00 pm ET.

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