The newest episode of Major Wager hosted by Joey Ingram on PokerGO features Daniel Negreanu and Samantha Abernathy in a rematch after Abernathy beat him in the Trapeze challenge. Ingram pits poker’s largest personalities against each other in performance-based prop bets with dignity and pride on the line with Las Vegas as the backdrop.


Negreanu and Abernathy met up for a battle at Las Vegas’ Top Golf to see who was the better golfer. The loser had an hour of hard labor around the facility with Ingram promising to hound them at every chance on social media – until he forgets.

Negreanu, a known avid golfer and bettor, said at the start that he hadn’t hit a ball in six months and his back was acting up. Abernathy had never played a round of golf in her life, had one practice round at Top Golf earlier in the week, so to even the odds, Negreanu wore a blindfold.

Each competitor began with five strokes, with three total rounds, and earned points for hitting targets on the range. Negreanu’s personal golf coach was on-hand to line Negreanu up – and to ensure he wouldn’t fall off the third deck. He also stepped in to help Abernathy’s swing.

The automatic scoring from Top Golf made the final outcome a bit ugly, but both players enjoyed a few choice shots.

Be sure to watch the full episode to see who won and how bad the punishment was only on PokerGO. New episodes of Major Wager debut each day of the week through Friday, September 8.