“Moving Violations” week was supposed to be Hollywood’s Poker After Dark homecoming, but Antonio Esfandiari stole the show on both nights. The host of the high stakes cash game booked a win during the “Moving Violations” opener and then replicated that result on Thursday night, thanks to one of the craziest hands Poker After Dark has ever seen.

The “Moving Violations” finale got off to a fast start, with multiple all-ins and a handful of rebuys. Quickly, there was over $1 million on the table and after a relative lull in the action, the biggest pot of the night exploded and then continued to dominate headlines on social media.

The magical river card shocked the table and left Jennifer Tilly wondering if she should have run the over $250,000 pot twice. Don Cheadle, on the other hand, was left speechless. The Hollywood star had played tight for the better part of two sessions, only to make his move at the worst possible time.

Randall Emmett also had a few missteps, but also flexed his high stakes muscles. The Hollywood producer doubled a few times and John Morgan felt the pain more than once. Morgan’s night was full of bad run outs and beats, while Robert Sanchez’s was on the other end the spectrum. The Houston businessman played some big pots and didn’t shy away from going toe-to-toe with Esfandiari, who had the only bigger stack at the table.

Both nights of “Moving Violations” cash games featured some of poker’s biggest stars and some big action. Subscribe now to relive the action and to watch countless hours of Poker After Dark action on-demand.

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