New episodes from Season 13 of Poker After Dark air every Monday at 8 p.m. ET, and you at home have a chance to play on Poker After Dark this season courtesy of two-time WPT champion Jonathan Little and PokerCoaching.

Little made his Poker After Dark debut in Season 12 when he appeared on One Bourbon, One Shot, and No Fear and Lesson Learned. Little is set to appear later in Season 13 in another $5,000 buy-in sit-n-go, and he is giving someone the opportunity to join him and compete for $30,000 in prize money.

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Jonathan Little playing on Poker After Dark Season 12.

Jonathan Little Speaks to PokerGO News

What was it like to make your Poker After Dark debut?
Playing on Poker After Dark was awesome. Getting to play with some of the best players in the world with the poker world watching on PokerGO is an exciting experience.

Poker After Dark began as a sit-n-go based show, and you were fortunate enough to host Lesson Learned – a $5k sit-n-go – how exciting was that?
Sit-n-gos are my favorite poker format because they force you to be a well-rounded player. If you do not know how to play well at a full table, a short table, and heads-up, you will be at a big disadvantage in them.

Win a $5k Poker After Dark seat now courtesy of Jonathan Little and PokerCoaching!

Is it important for poker players to work on their game outside of just playing hands?
All you really have to do to succeed at poker is find a game you can beat, play it a lot, and keep a proper bankroll. Most people do not even complete the first step though. All they want to do is play (and gamble). If you want to win at poker, you have to spend time studying away from the table ensuring you know the proper play in all the common situations.

What is PokerCoaching, and how can it help poker players?
I created PokerCoaching.com to be the training site I wish I had as a novice poker player, and also the site I want today to ensure I remain at the top of the game. Unlike most training sites that only offer pre-recorded videos, PokerCoaching.com has interactive quizzes, live webinars, private streams where you can interact with our world-class coaches in real-time, game theory optimal charts in an easy-to-use app, and in-depth courses that cover every aspect of the game. You can try it for free at PokerCoaching.com/free.

Jonathan Little playing on Poker After Dark Season 12.

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