Kevin Hart is fired up for making Day 2 of the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl. He advanced with just below the starting stack – which wasn’t too far off the chip average. Hart spent a few minutes before the day started to share his strategy on playing in such an exclusive event.

“Yesterday was an amazing time first and foremost,” Hart said. “Of course it’s an amazing field of amazing players – these are the best people in the world. I’m beyond an underdog so for me to be able to sit down and shake it up and last the day that’s the first win.”

“It’s a tournament full of many wins for me. Today it’s about getting past Day 2 that will be win number two,” Hart continued. “Baby steps – you can’t do it all in one day, you have to do it in multiple days. This is a tournament that would make a major statement if I was to make some major noise in it.”

Should Hart make the final table, it would be his first cash – an impressive feat considering the field he’s playing against. But Hart doesn’t have any delusions about his game stacks up those he’s sitting with. “Well, personality is my only weapon that I can use,” he said. “My conversation, my voice – the ability to talk to people and possibly get people comfortable in an environment that they’re not comfortable in.”

Hart chatting up Bryn Kenney during Day 1. (Photo: Poker Central)
“A lot of these guys are very serious, staying within a realm of straight-face mental thinking,” said Hart. “If I can get you off that, if I can get you to talk to me, then I’m getting you to come into my world.”

“That’s the only advantage I have, these guys don’t make mistakes. They’re as solid as solid can be. I know that I made some mistakes yesterday, so I’m going to try to tighten up,” he added. “Once again, if you talk to me and you give me some conversation then I got you a little bit. All I got to do is get you to do what you normally don’t and that means you’re slowly stepping into my realm of poker.”