Both nights of “Big Three” cash games were more or less the same, but the big difference between those two Poker After Dark sessions was Justin Young. The Las Vegas professional opened the week in The Bullpen and replaced Justin Ligeri for Wednesday’s finale. Young is no stranger to Poker After Dark and his experience shone during an entertaining $100/$200 session.

Most of the action came in the No Limit Hold’em rounds, but most of the laughs came during Short Deck. While Sam Soverel wasn’t sure if he was a big favorite or big dog on a few occasions, Justin Young wasn’t sure how Ali Nejad was even calling the action. The Poker After Dark commentator did his best to keep Short Deck moving, but even he admitted he’d love a seat in the “Big Three” game.

While Nejad had no problem following the Short Deck action, some of Young’s late night caught everyone by surprise. Over the course of three hands, Young moved all-in three times. First, he gave to Ben Lamb, then to Sam Soverel, but his third act recouped most of those losses. The hand pitted the “Big Three” newcomers against each other  and created one of the biggest pots of the night.

On the felt, Brandon Adams was involved in plenty of action. Off the felt, he was involved in maybe the most informative sideline report of Brent Hank’s career. Adams delivered some expert fantasy football advice not once, but twice.

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