The biggest limit game ever televised is being shown live on PokerGO right now featuring Doyle Brunson, Gus Hansen, Lyle Berman, Scott Seiver, Aaron Katz, John Monnette, and Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates. These men are playing a $100,000 minimum buy-in game with $3,000/$6,000 limits, and Cates is beyond excited to get a chance to square off at these stakes and in this lineup. We caught up with him before play got underway.

“The stakes are big and that’s good, and the lineup is fun too,” Cates said as the players were getting seated inside the PokerGO Studio.

Watch the Super High Roller Cash Game right now. Tune in by clicking the link.

When asked how Cates picks the games and lineups he wants to play in, the Maryland native, gave a quick rundown of his preferences.

“It’s a combination of things, but usually the lineup is the first thing to look at, then the games and then the stakes. But that’s looking at it from a strategic point of view, but when I’m just looking to gamble I’ll look at the stakes first,” Cates said with a big smile.

“In this case though, I hope the poker gods are on my side because I’m out for blood.”

Aside from his high-level entertaining playing style, Cates is also very much aware of his surroundings and all the fans watching at home. Cates emphasized that it’s a double-edged sword playing in televised games, as players get to see his plays while on the other hand, it’s fun to make big plays when there’s an audience.

A game like the one that’s being played on PokerGO right now goes off fairly often in Bellagio’s Bobby’s Room, and Cates regularly mixes it up with these same players, but one player, in particular, stands out to him: Gus Hansen.

“We have an intercontinental battle of sorts going on,” Cates laughed about the ongoing matches between him and The Great Dane. Cates and Hansen have played in many different cities in various heads-up battles and are still going at it to this day.

“Gus and I both play crazy and gamble a bit more than usual because we just really want to beat each other.”

In closing, as cards were about to get in the air, Cates predicted that there wouldn’t be much nittiness, evident by his earlier comments about being out for blood on the big stage inside the PokerGO Studio.

Tune in for live action right now as the game is still underway on PokerGO. If you catch this article at a later time, on-demand action is available of both nights of Super High Roller Cash Game action. 

Dan Cates, Jungleman, Gus Hansen