Another night of “Rise and Grind” week brought even more fireworks to PokerGO than the first round of $100/$200 cash game action. 2018 WSOP Main Event winner John Cynn took a loss last night but tonight he bounced back with an epic performance to close out the week.

The Poker After Dark stream featured multiple big pots of the $100,000 relam with Cynn often on the right side.

Relive the full night of action here:

Cynn started the party by taking on three-time Poker Players Championship gold medalist Michael Mizrachi. The flop didn’t get the job done for Cynn and neither did the turn. Thankfully, Cynn had one more blast in him to fire at Mizrachi to set the tone for his night.

Alan Richardson and Cynn tangled a few times on the first night and locked horns again tonight. An action flop ballooned to a $100,000 pot between the two players. Cynn’s run good came in hand to claim both boards and the largest pot of the night.

Cynn climbed higher from there and ended the night as the big winner. A hot streak in the last hour of the game pushed him close to $100,000 in profit.

Maria Ho joined the lineup in place of Justin Young and performed well to pick up a small victory on the night. Ho messed with Cynn on a few occasions but stayed away from too much danger.

Farah Galfond won the first night of “Rise and Grind” and didn’t take her foot off the pedal in the second fight. Galfond used a well-timed flopped set to take a large chunk of Bob Bright’s stack to push herself over six figures.

Galfond and Cynn were the two big winners on the night and Galfond finished in the aggregate top spot between the two shows.

Poker After Dark newcomer Vitaliy Rizhkov had the pleasure of being joined by two other rookies. Florida businessman Ronny Beda and Las Vegas pro Chris Johnson jumped in during the second half of the show.

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