Jason Mercier only played one event during the first-ever PGT Mixed Games, but he definitely made it count by winning the biggest event of the series. Mercier topped the field in Event #7: $25,500 10-Game Championship and took home $367,500 after a heads-up deal with Dan Zack.

"This tournament was so much fun to play," Mercier said. "It was my first time in the PokerGO Studio. I felt good playing. I played cash for two days before coming here, so I felt like my mixed games were oiled up and ready to go. I played well. I was never all in except for one time in no-limit deuce where I had the guy dead. That was the only time I was all in and at risk during the whole tournament, so I feel like I played really well, ran well, and am super happy to get the W and nice payday."

The two-day event drew 57 entries and generated a prize pool of $1,425,000. Entering the second day, Zack was the chip leader, and Mercier was third, but there wasn't much of a gap between their two stacks. Mercier and Zack reached heads-up play after Zack busted David "ODB" Baker in third. After Baker went out, Mercier and zack agreed to a deal that saw first take $367,500 and second take $345,000. The two did a series of pot-limit Omaha flips after the deal to see who won the trophy, and it was Mercier coming out on top.

Mercier hasn't been playing much poker in recent years, at least as much as he used to play before starting a family that has grown into raising four kids, but every time he pops into an event he seems to fare pretty well. Last year, in the few tournaments that Mercier played, he recorded cashes of $18,153, $141,865, and $260,815, but he was quick to point out that he hadn't won a poker tournament since August 2019.

For Zack, reaching heads-up play with Mercier gave him the needed points to finish atop the PGT Mixed Games series leaderboard. Although Event #8: $5,300 NL 2-7 Single Draw is still wrapping up, no one remaining in the field is able to catch Zack so will be crowned series champion and win the $25,000 championship bonus.

PGT Mixed Games Event #7 Results

Place Player Country Prize Points
1st Jason Mercier United States $367,500* 257
2nd Dan Zack United States $345,000* 171
3rd David "ODB" Baker United States $199,500 120
4th Maxx Coleman United States $142,500 86
5th Jeremy Ausmus United States $114,000 68
6th Daniel Negreanu Canada $85,500 51
7th Andrew Kelsall United States $71,250 43
8th Nacho Barbero Argentina $57,000 34
9th Mike Wattel United States $42,750 26

*Deal was made.

The top nine players were set to reach the money in Event #7, and it was Craig Chait who was eliminated as the tournament's "bubble boy" when David "ODB" Baker busted him in a hand of 2-7 triple draw.

After the money was reached, Mike Wattel busted in ninth place, then Nacho Barbero, who was fresh off his fourth-place finish in the PokerStars Players Championship, busted in eighth place.

Andrew Kelsall was knocked out next, falling in seventh place at the hands of Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu couldn't ladder up anymore, though, and went out in sixth place to Jeremy Ausmus. On Negreanu's final hand, he called all in on the river during a hand of no-limit hold'em. Ausmus had a full house and Negreanu couldn't beat it.

Ausmus busted next in fifth place, then Maxx Coleman went out in fourth place. Ausmus picked up $114,000, and Coleman earned $142,500.

Mercier was in the lead to start three-handed play, and it proved to be he and Zack pulling away as Baker slid to the bottom. Eventually, Baker was all in during a hand of razz, but his ace-two-three-five draw couldn't materialize to beat Zack who had made a seven-low and he was out in third place for $199,500.

Mercier and Zack quickly made a deal and then flipped for the trophy, with Mercier winning it all after four flips.

PGT Mixed Games Series Leaderboard Top 10

Rank Player Country Winnings Points
1st Dan Zack United States $524,700 352
2nd John Monnette United States $316,000 316
3rd Nick Guagenti United States $275,475 290
4th David "ODB" Baker United States $347,400 268
5th Jason Mercier United States $367,500 257
6th Ben Lamb United States $255,600 256
7th Maxx Coleman United States $280,500 224
8th Shaun Deeb United States $208,800 209
9th Scott Abrams United States $189,600 189
10th Eli Elezra United States $155,000 180

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