Not much could make Jason Mercier’s life much better at this point, besides the $6 million first-place prize in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl. He’s recognized as one of the top pros in the world, was recently married and is expecting a baby boy after the summer. Mercier has a lot do on the felt before the summer is over and he gets buried in diapers – he’s racing against nature itself.

Mercier sits among the leaders with a couple levels remaining in Day 2 and appears as comfortable as ever. “The structure is honestly great, I really like playing post-flop a lot more. I feel like I do a lot better in these deep-stacked, really good structured events – a lot better than playing turbos or one day events,” he said.

“I really like it; I haven’t even reached any point in the tournament where I’m worried about being short,” Mercier added. “I’m just kind of playing poker, it’s much more like a cash game. I’m happy with the structure and happy to have chips.”

He’s bounced around the room since the start of the event and while this event had many players that don’t play the circuit regularly, he has experience with most of the field. “I’ve played at three different tables and played with mostly everyone in the field,” he said.

“Lauren Roberts was the only player that I hadn’t played against ever before. So, it hasn’t been too difficult a lot of times – I’m using my experience I have against the other people to make reads and figure out what they’re doing.”

Mercier is motivated to have a successful summer with a baby on the way, but what is a successful summer by Mercier standards?

“Well if I win this event, it’s going to be a win no matter what. I’m definitely trying to cash this event first and get off to a good start for this summer,” said Mercier. “I might make some bracelet bets starting tomorrow and tweet something out to see if I can get some action going.”

Between the time the interview ended and time of publication, Mercier changed plans and already sought out action.

“My goal is to try to win Player of the Year again and go back-to-back for the first time.”