(Las Vegas) – Day 4 of the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl returned eight players for the final table with the plan to stop with three players remaining. After a slow start, the table opened up a bit and after six players were sent to the rail only three players remain. Jake Schindler holds a huge advantage after bagging 10.6 million for the chip lead.

Christoph Vogelsang trails with 5.4 million and Stefan Schillhabel has a tall mountain to climb after having bagged only 885,000. All the action is exclusively available on PokerGO until a winner is crowned. Here’s how they’re seated when they restart:

Seat 1. Jake Schindler – 10,670,000
Seat 2. Christoph Vogelsang – 5,245,000
Seat 3. Stefan Schillhabel – 885,000

Jason Koon arrived as the shortest stack at the table and staved off elimination for over five hours. Ultimately, he fell short and exited in eighth place to earn $60,000 – the forfeited deposits from two players that pulled out of the event.

Koon’s final hand came on a flop of Kc Ts 8d when he re-raised all in holding 9h 7h for two-way straight draw and Schindler called holding pocket eights. Koon bricked the turn and river burst the bubble for the remaining players.

Another four hours passed with the table playing seven-handed. Ultimately, Vogelsang and Bonomo got to the river on a 9h 2d 2s Jc Qh board. Vogelsang check-raised all in on the river, Bonomo called holding a deuce for trips but Vogelsang held Ks Tc for a straight and Bonomo was eliminated.

Only a couple hands later Pratyush Buddiga moved in preflop holding Ac 9h and Tsoukernik called with Ah Qs. They both paired their ace on the flop but Tsoukernik’s kicker played and Buddiga followed Bonomo out the door.

A couple orbits passed before Schindler opened on the button, Kaverman shoved from the small blind and Vogelsang called from the big. Schindler moved in over the top, Vogelsang mucked and Schindler tabled pocket aces. Kaverman held pocket eights, didn’t improve and was eliminated. 

The table settled down for around 30 minutes before Leon Tsoukernik moved all in preflop holding Ad Td and Vogelsang called with two black aces. The board ran Kh 8d 2s Kd 3s, Tsoukernik didn’t improve and Vogelsang earned another elimination.

The three finalists return Thursday at 1 pm to play down to a winner with all of the action exclusively on PokerGO. Additional hand updates are available at PokerNews.

Final Table Payouts

1. TBD – $6,000,000
2. TBD – $3,600,000
3. TBD – $2,400,000
4. Leon Tsoukernik – $1,800,000
5. Byron Kaverman – $1,400,000
6. Pratyush Buddiga – $1,000,000
7. Justin Bonomo – $600,000
8. Jason Koon – $60,000