Jake Schindler is one of ARIA’s undisputed endbosses. Second on the all-time cashes and winnings list puts Schindler in a class of his own. Since he claimed his first $25,000 High Roller title at the PCA in 2014, Schindler’s great rise is updated on a monthly basis with earnings piling in.

Today, Schindler opens the Event 5 final table of Poker Masters as the chip leader in a familiar $25,000 buy-in setting. The overwhelming percentage of Schindler’s $21 million in earnings is in High Roller events topped off by his second-place finish in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl.

Schindler chuckled when he said his main goal for today is to climb up the small whiteboard in the PokerGO Studio displaying updated Poker Masters standings.

Failing to win a High Roller Triple Crown event is one of the few blemishes on Schindler’s tournament biography. Three WPT final tables equaling second, third, and fourth place finish along with three WSOP top-nines also lead to missing trinkets for Schindler.

He’s made a habit of winning quality events, though. Schindler won the $25,500 SHRPO High Roller last month and shipped the €100,000 partypoker Super High Roller in Barcelona in the spring.

There is no official metric but Schindler is one of, if not the player with the most PokerGO reps in the last calendar year.

The Purple Jacket is a trophy unlike any other and Schindler is confident in his continued quality decision making to eventually bring a major home.

“I care more about making the right decisions playing in-game; I don’t care as much about titles,” Schindler said. “I just want to make sure I’m making the right decisions and I assume the other stuff will come with it as long as I’m thinking and doing the right things.”

At the table, Schindler is unlike most of the other top-notch players from his generation. Any conversation is committed in a low-talking tone and his occasional exasperated facial gestures set him apart from the monotones of David Peters and Justin Bonomo.

Jason Koon, Daniel Negreanu, and Brian Rast sit beside Schindler at today’s final table. All three are noted for having established routines to get themselves ready for the day. Schindler barely has time to get breakfast in.

“We played really long last night so I just went home, hung out, and went to sleep,” Schindler said of Day 1 play that ended close to 2 AM PT. “I didn’t do anything to prepare, really. I’m not one of these guys who have complex morning routines. I just wake up 40 minutes before it’s time to play, shower, and head over.”

Schindler is as familiar with his opponents as any High Roller. The five years of battling in ARIA tournaments equal sufficient experience on the 28-year-old’s odometer. A lot of pros are willing to talk about the studying they do away from the table to gain an edge. If Schindler is one of those solver elites, he fails to make that point apparent. Knowledge of the High Roller player pool has made Schindler millions and his unique brain will make him even more for the years to come.

Schindler himself says he runs well on PokerGO live streams. Call it a rush.

“I guess the more I play, the better I feel about the tournaments and the players I’m playing with. I get more familiar with how the tournament plays and how people are playing them which helps me overall. I’ve also just been running really hot. It’s pretty obvious if you watch the streams, I’m flopping a lot of big hands so that always helps.”

U.S. Poker Open wrapped with Schindler placing second in the $50,000 Main Event. Today is another chance for Schindler to earn a major win in the Triple Crown Series. Schindler has come up short before and he inevitably will again. The long run is what matters and Schindler is a stone lock to be a factor as long as ARIA stands.

“It would be nice to get the title to try to move up the whiteboard scoreboard and claim first place. It would be pretty sweet.”

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