Ten years ago, Jacob Zalewski wanted to give back. As a college student, who suffered from Cerebral Palsy, he wanted to do what he could to help those who were less fortunate than he was. The One Step Closer Foundation was born and a decade later, Zalewski has turned The One Step Closer Foundation into poker’s newest millionaire. Now, he is battling on the PokerGO and ESPN WSOP Main Event feature table.

“I’ve done this a few times but never on the feature table.” Zalewski said on the last break, adding, “It’s a little daunting at first but you know, once the first card is in the air, I just want to have fun and play my best.”

So far, Zalewski has and he has a healthy stack to show for it. Zalewski has tried to stay away from the bigger stacks but he wasn’t able to avoid WSOP bracelet winner Loni Harwood, who has been chipping up at the outer feature table. Zalewski and Harwood have clashed twice, splitting the difference on their matchups, but bright lights, cameras and Main Event aside, Zalewski is trying to not get eaten up by his competition or the moment.

“I don’t look at it as the Main Event, I look at it as a regular poker event because I don’t want to get myself too psyched up.” Zalewski joked, before adding, “I’m just going to play my game and hope for the best.”

Ten years ago, Zalewski, a college professor and his family did hope for the best. This past year, The One Step Closer Foundation eclipsed $1,000,000 in donations to help those coping with the financial burdens of Cerebral Palsy.

“The first event we had 44 people, when you fast forward to the moment we’re at, it’s very humbling to know that after ten years, the love, the respect and the support is more than ever.” Zalewski said, before thanking a variety of people, including Sam Simon, who was there for the start of The One Step Closer Foundation, and Poker Central, which has been a supporting sponsor of the summer poker charity event for the last few years.

While Zalewski and his foundation have supported a countless number of families and people battling CP throughout the last decade, today, the poker world is giving their support.

“I’ve been getting non-stop texts and pictures on my cell.” Zalewski said before returning to the table, adding, “The live stream is entertaining, it’s a little spooky, it’s fun but any opportunity I get, I go for it no matter what and I hope to make the best of it.”

Over the last ten years, Zalewski has lived by that mantra and because of it, $1,000,000 have been raised to support those who suffer from Cerebral Palsy. The One Step Closer Foundation founder will be live on PokerGO and ESPN until 7:30 PM PT and if he can advance to Day 3, Zalewski will be one step closer to his first Main Event cash.