While a tweet or two may let fans into their favorite poker player’s heads, it is usually just for a brief moment thanks to a 140-character limit. Instagram has no such boundaries though and this week brought some pictures across our timeline that were all worth more than a thousand words.


Biggest lifetime win yesterday in 100k super high roller for 1.8m euros #poker #monaco #swag #trophies #anotherone #hustlin

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Starting this Monte Carlo themed Instagram Insiders post with anyone other than King Kenney would just be downright disrespectful. Bryn Kenney continued his white-hot run through the first half of 2017 with another victory and a career best result. Kenney won the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo $100,000 Super High Roller, good for a $1.9 million score, and while we aren’t picking favorites, Kenney should be the betting favorite heading into this month’s Super High Roller Bowl.


Sometimes you gotta make a quick trip to Prop Bet City when you’re on a tournament break #gotemm

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While Daniel Colman hasn’t pick up a Monte Carlo cash just yet, he was able to pick up some cash thanks to a trip to Prop Bet City. Population, Colman and PokerStars’ newest team member, Kevin Hart. The actor and comedian challenge Colman to a push-up bet on break of the opening $100,000 Super High Roller and Colman, through some Kevin Hart yelling, was able to avoid buckling and completed 105 push-ups to win the bet.  


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery #SuperHighRollers #SeriousBusiness

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Ladies and gentleman, for the first time in Poker Central history we get to play “Who Wore It Best?”

Top, Dan Smith in a white bathrobe during a PokerStars Championship Macau Super High Roller. Bottom, Daniel Colman in a white bathrobe during a PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Super High Roller. We’ll chalk this one up to a tie, although Smith’s does look fluffier, but from a results standpoint, Smith made his bathrobe work a little better than Colman. Smith cashed in three High Roller events in Macau, while, as we mentioned above, Colman has yet to find his way to the payout cage in Monte Carlo. Either way, both High Rollers look extremely comfortable but each will have to find something a little nicer to wear for this year’s Super High Roller Bowl.


Champions league semi-final Monaco – Juventus live! The opening gives me chills ??

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As per the request of players, yesterday’s High Roller was cut short so players could go to the Champions League semi-final match between AS Monaco and Juventus. Fedor Holz was one of the players that made the trip and as a life-long soccer fan, the Champions League anthem gives me chills even when I’m watching it on TV. I could only imagine how cool that anthem is in person…


Pre-order at PhilHellmuth.com, all of my ups and downs: like when wife almost left me in 2002, and how I fought to keep her

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This one has nothing to do with Monte Carlo but everything to do with one of the biggest names in poker. Phil Hellmuth has spent the last few months writing, and tweeting about writing, an autobiography and the story of the world’s greatest player will hit bookshelves in August. Fans can pre-order the book now and Poker Brat is sure to be a must-read for anyone that loves the game of poker.