The penultimate episode of INSIDERS brings the audience one step closer to the Super High Roller Bowl. Daniel Negreanu opts for the couch for his method of preparation in Episode 5 while Seth Davies dines out and Brandon Adams hits the computer screen on PokerGO.

All players are in the last stages of their studies for what is the biggest event of the year. Negreanu admits he is not a player who uses charts and GTO to get an edge on his opponents. Instead, he watches final tables from Poker Masters and U.S. Poker Open to figure out physical tells and tendencies. His dog lays nearby as the remote sits in the other hand. Listen to Negreanu talk through his process and how he plans to outwit the best in the world.

This episode marks an off-day for Davies. The WPT Champions Club member dines out with friend and fellow pro Nick Rampone to discuss how prepared the mental game of Davies is. We’ve watched Davies use computers and boxing to steer himself in the right direction but no opponent is more formidable than the one that lives within Davies.

It is the turn of Adams to ratchet up the solver use. Adams is a student of the game and takes the mental game seriously. The edge Adams needs to gain for himself is more than most of the other 48 and he is determined to not give himself the chance to improve at every juncture.

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