Super High Roller Bowl is over but the event lives on in the minds of the INSIDERS. Daniel Negreanu, Brandon Adams, and Seth Davies all prepared like their poker life depended on it to play in the $300,000 tournament and all met their respective ends in painful fashion. Now available on PokerGO is the memory the three share of their Super High Roller Bowl experience as they relive with some regret.

Davies and Adams were the two Super High Roller Bowl rookies of the group and took in similar experiences. The two played together late on Day 2 and Davies put Adams in an epic spot that Adams described as “poison in his veins.” Adams tells the story of the hand and how it captured his full Super High Roller Bowl experience. Bad fortune may have played a role in Adams’ elimination before the money but he maintains the confidence needed to continue playing at a high level.

The other side of the bust coin falls in the lap of Davies. He survived all the way close to the finish line but ran into the stone bubble of $600,000. Davies lost to friend Jason Koon in painful fashion and gives viewers insight toward his emotions when he came close but not close enough. From the moment Koon pauses to make a decision, Davies knows his tournament life is in jeopardy and gives a play-by-play on his thought process through the entire moment.

Negreanu made the money but still fell short of his ultimate goal. In previous episodes, Negreanu stated that winning this event would prove to himself that the hard work put in to improve his game over the years was worth it. The $3 million won is a consolation prize after coming so close. In his final hand against Justin Bonomo, Negreanu expresses his thought process and makes it clear that his decision was the correct one. Are their hands Negreanu says he wishes he played differently? Yes. How he would have played them is a must-see look at the mind of one of the game’s all-time greats.

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