Episode 1 of INSIDERS introduced viewers to the team of players featured for this year’s Super High Roller Bowl. Daniel Negreanu, Seth Davies, and Brandon Adams are all in the planning stages of their attack for the year’s biggest tournament. A $300,000 buy-in requires study and the trio shows off their respective methods in Episode 2.

Now available on PokerGO is a bit of football, tennis, and board games as all three get their mind and body sharp for May 27.

Davies says he is a competitor and shows off that side with a trip to Topgolf in Episode 1. This episode shows Davies seeking advice from someone who knows a few details about closing. Super Bowl Champion and Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist Richard Seymour makes an appearance in an exclusive conversation with Davies.

Seymour became a poker enthusiast following his NFL retirement and is a regular on the World Poker Tour along with the World Series of Poker. Davies takes knowledge in from Seymour to supplement his use of solvers.

Adams takes the athletics directly to the court. The avid tennis player takes his racket game almost as serious as he does poker. Adams juices up his training session with a wager against a former tennis pro. The competition of money and pride is what Adams says he needs to get himself in the right frame of mind for Super High Roller Bowl.

Negreanu brings the competition inside his home with a friendly Egyptian board game against his brother, Mike. The edges in the game are where Negreanu learned poker strategy and he explains how his method of preparation gives him an advantage against the field. Negreanu is in search of his first career Super High Roller Bowl cash and his march to the money starts with pieces on a board instead of chips in the felt.

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