Viewers watched Seth Davies step into the ring in Episode 3 of INSIDERS and the intensity kicks up in Episode 4. Now available on PokerGO is an in-depth look at the mental training done by Davies to sharpen his skillset for Super High Roller Bowl.

Davies introduces viewers to PIO Solver, a simulation tool used by the game’s best to learn everything there is to know about tournament poker. The computer setup utilized by Davies operates at a level of 10 machines all rolled into a single server. When Davies sleeps, the computer does the work to get Davies up to speed for anything the Super High Roller Bowl throws his way.

Phil Hellmuth is also on the mind of Davies as the all-time leader in World Series of Poker bracelets does not have a fan in Davies. Watch as Davies brags about his bounty won against Hellmuth and how he hopes to bust him again starting on May 27.

Daniel Negreanu sidelines the study for this week and embraces the assistance of a mental coach. Negreanu prides himself on how strong his mind is and uses every tool he can get in keeping the brain molded for Super High Roller Bowl. Don’t miss Negreanu get personal in his preparation for the biggest event of the year.

Brandon Adams is the one in the gym this week as he finds another way to train. Previously, Adams used tennis and he utilizes advanced running techniques with the help of a personal trainer to learn how to push himself to the edge.

Although experienced in poker for the better part of two decades, Adams is an underdog in Super High Roller Bowl and will use any technique possible to grab an extra inch.

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