Famed mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz will fight his last fight as a professional this weekend when he takes on Chael Sonnen in Bellator 170. As is customary when sporting legends hang it up, Ortiz is on a retirement tour of sorts and while most of the questions he’s received have to do with his storied career, the KTLA 5 Morning News started their sports report a little differently.

Ortiz, who is no stranger to the poker felt, including a handful of appearances on PokerStars’ The Shark Cage show and at the PCA, as well as multiple charity events across the country, made the claim that he could be heading towards a career as a professional gambler in the near future.

“I could be a professional gambler.” Ortiz said when asked about his post-fight plans and poker prowess.

“You gotta make sure you make the right moves at the right time, I’m good at reading people, I’m great at making the right decisions.” Ortiz added, before explaining how his 20-year fighting career has molded him into the person he is today.

Ortiz was then asked if he’d rather get hit in the wallet at the poker table or in the face while in the cage, to which he quickly answered, “I’d rather get hit in the face.”

Like most poker players, Ortiz wants to leave the ring with his wallet unscathed. If Ortiz is as deadly on the felt, as he was in the Octagon, his opponent’s wallets and faces may be catching some haymakers at a poker table in the near future.