Poker After Dark debuted a brand-new format on Tuesday night and in the days leading up to the first hybrid cash game in Poker After Dark history, there were some conversations surrounding the “High Stakes Hybrid” structure. Some debated how many players would survive all four levels, some even wagered on those outcomes, but most of those conversations were positive, with players and fans alike looking forward to how the hybrid structure would test some of the best players in the world.

A few of those top players not only weighed in on the “High Stakes Hybrid” structure, but also competed in Tuesday’s opener. Brian Rast and Doug Polk booked modest wins to open “High Stakes Hybrid” week, but the latter was not modest in his praise of the structure and format.

“When I first saw the format, I thought to myself…this is amazing!” Polk told Poker Central’s Drea Renee after Tuesday night’s session, before explaining, “For starters, I’m more of a cash game guy at heart, tournaments are great, but I love cash games. This, you know, they say this is a hybrid, they’re lying to you, this is a glorified cash game. The blinds move around a little bit, but there are cash chips on the table, this is a cash game.”

Prior to taking his seat in the “High Stakes Hybrid” opener, Polk called the hybrid cash game an “entertaining format” and talked about the potential for big pots to develop throughout the week. While Day 1 of “High Stakes Hybrid” week didn’t break any Poker After Dark records, there were a few sizable pots that played out, with Dan Shak booking the night’s biggest win.

Brian Rast was right behind Shak on the leader board and the $100,000 buy-in hybrid cash game is a positive addition to the Poker After Dark franchise according to the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl champion.

“I’m always up for new ways of playing poker, whether it is a different structure or new games.” Rast said, prior to making another Poker After Dark appearance. “I’m excited to be part of Poker Central and support the growth of poker. It’s a complex game that deserves a spot in the conscious of all those who like a mental challenge.”

Over the last month, Rast has been involved in a few different Poker After Dark formats. He played in the biggest cash game in Poker After Dark history during “Rumble with Jungle” week and has also played in a few sit and go’s, along with last month’s “PLOMG” cash games. Each have challenged Rast in different ways and the rest of “High Stakes Hybrid” week is sure to continue to challenge the three-time WSOP bracelet winner.

Watch that challenge live on PokerGO, when the second installment of “High Stakes Hybrid” week starts on Wednesday, October 11 at 6 PM ET. Until then, relive past Poker After Dark episodes on-demand and dive into PokerGO’s original content library, for everything from documentary-style episodes, reality television, and short-form comedies series.