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The second helping of “Whine and Cheese” week outdid the first. Streaming live on PokerGO, the $50/$100 game brought out the big guns as Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu took their seats in ARIA. Already in attendance for the Super High Roller Bowl lottery, the pair went down the hall to the PokerGO set and put five-figures on the table.

The two additions to the lineup supplemented what was already a delicious game. Hank Yang returned after making his Poker After Dark debut last night. Yang racked up the largest win and was the only player to leave with over $100,000.

Dan O’Brien took a seat to open the night and clashed right away with last night’s big winner, Tom Marchese. The “King of Cards” ran a bluff and was turned into a pauper early by “Tahoe Dan.”

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