The second night of “Solve for Hollywood” week on Poker After Dark was a strong sequel to Wednesday’s premiere. Garrett Adelstein, Matt Berkey, and Farah Galfond returned to challenge the first night’s big winner, Dave Peters. The $100/$200 game put a $400 straddle on for most of the night and the pots grew as a result. Relive the PokerGO stream on-demand with six-figure pots a regular occurrence.

A new member of the Poker After Dark family took their seat tonight. Tracy Nguyen of “Femme Fatale” week fame sat in the place of Randall Emmett in the “Solve for Hollywood” sequel. A familiar face in high stakes cash games, Nguyen jumped in the middle at the start of play.

Nguyen stared Garrett Adelstein dead in the eye and put an early hurt on the ‘GMan.’ In a cooler spot, Nguyen gained maximum value and put her session in the black right away.

The early wind in Nguyen’s sails carried her to a $37,000 profit, making her the third-biggest winner in the game.

Dave Peters was in the captain’s chair for most of the night until a late dry spell sent his stack to all corners of the table.

Adelstein turned into the primary recipient as he gained all of his lost chips to Nguyen and then some back from Peters. Flopping the nuts turned into just the start for Adelstein, who extracted the perfect amount to close the night.

Adelstein cashed out the big winner with $106,700 added to his stack. Matt Berkey joined him in the winner’s circle with a $68,800 profit.

“Solve for Hollywood” week is off into the sunset but full replays of all episodes are available on-demand. Subscribe to PokerGO today to catch the best in high stakes cash game action. Poker After Dark returns later in August with another strong lineup soon to be announced.

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