Two new video gaming machines are on display at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and Harrah’s Resort Southern California – Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure by Gamblit Gaming. What makes these games different is that they are skill-based machines where you compete against other players, not the house odds.

The company hopes to bring millennials into the traditional slot market, where the segment is lacking in young players, with social interaction and multi-player games. 

“As a millennial, I grew up playing video games at home with consoles like the Super Nintendo and in arcades,” said Darion Lowenstein, Chief Marketing Officer. “Slot machines have never held my interest due to their lack of interactivity; as slot revenues decline and their average user climbs up in age, we’ve found this pattern to be true of the worldwide casino market.”

“Gamblit games offer true rewards for skill, and a higher level of engagement, social play and fun, more than any other experience on the casino floor,” Lowenstein added. “It’s basically a modern arcade, where you can bet and potentially win money while having a blast with friends.”

A screenshot of the what players see in Gamblit Poker. (Photo: Gamblit)
Gamblit Poker is a poker-based game with up to four players at a time. Players “grab” cards from the center of the table and players can also steal cards from opponents as a wrinkle. 

Cannonbeard’s Treasure is a blackjack variant where players compete against each other. The game is focused on the community cards in the center and involves a strategy component of building virtual ships. Players build their hands and reach objectives from the community cards. Players have 3D ships shooting at each other until one player wins the pot.

Both games are offered on Gamblit’s interactive Model G gaming table platform that can host between two and four players. Each table offers a unique, multi-player/multi-game machine with access to a shared 42″ touch screen, a USB charging port, purse hooks and two cup holders for each player.